Why You Shouldn’t Download That Dating App Again

I was watching The Bachelor one night when I received a text from a good friend asking me to talk her out of downloading a popular dating app again. Without hesitation, I rapidly sent her these reasons and realized there are probably so many people out there weighing the pros and cons of downloading these swipeable time-suckers and needing the extra support. This one’s for y’all!

It’s a bandage solution. Downloading the dating app again is most likely going to lead to increased dissatisfaction, especially if your motive for doing so is desperation or boredom. Think about it. If you’ve deleted it once, there was a reason. It has served its purpose in your life for this time, and you don’t need to keep rehashing the same scenarios.

It’s the same guys, recycled. When you’ve been living the swipeable dating life for some time, you start to download more apps and before you know it, it feels like there are far less fish in the sea and far more of the same fish resurfacing. Save yourself the frustration.

You need face-to-face, organic. Look, I get that this is the goal anyway and most people don’t download the dating apps because they’re afraid of face-to-face. I understand that it’s more difficult nowadays to meet people when everyone seems to be staring down at their phone, but don’t be one of those people. If you want to run face-to-face into a prospective date, then start looking up, start being aware around you in your every day life, and maybe take a risk by going to some new places! Talk to people, face-to-face and don’t settle for falling back into the screen dating life — at least for now.

Just read a book. Feeling bored or wanting immediate romance in your life because you’re watching a dating show? Yes it may be easy to start swiping and get immediate attention, but if your end goal is a real relationship, the dating apps aren’t your solution because quality doesn’t happen quickly, it’s developed over time. Pick up a book or read an article to distract yourself from downloading the dating app while your evoked emotions are fluttering.

It’s a time-sucker. Have you ever been happily swiping along and realized that what you thought was ten minutes turned into two hours? Find something more productive to do with your time! And by productive, I would even consider laying in the bed relaxing and binge-watching your favorite show as more productive than recklessly and desperately swiping away.

Dating apps can leave you empty. I have personally had a balanced mix of worthwhile and destructive dating app experiences, so I’m not here to convince you that dating apps are Satan himself. However, I have seen and experienced how toxic it is to delete and download these apps on repeat. When dating begins to make you feel empty or defeated, you need to take a break.

You’re probably more ready for a relationship than they are. Let’s be honest with the dating pool on dating apps. Most people are on there looking for fun or attention. Very few are looking for actual relationships. No judgement, but if you’re mentally ready for a relationship and you’re dealing with someone who isn’t, then you’re going to be disappointed when you download that app again looking for a different outcome.

Your intentions are all wrong. If the thought crosses your mind NOT to download the dating app again and you need convincing either from yourself or someone else, that is your sign to stay away from the App Store. Read this article again until you change your mind. Stay strong!

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