Losing What you Settled for is a Blessing

In the past few months I have come face-to-face with close friends whose hearts have recently been completely shattered. To see them each broken down for various reasons pains me, but what I realized in 3/4 of those situations is that they were essentially settling. Therefore, losing their relationship was actually a blessing.

The truth is, the right person for you will not escape you. You won’t have to fret over whether or not you said or did the wrong thing. You won’t have to lie awake at night pondering if that person feels the same way as you do. You won’t have to walk on eggshells.

You’ve likely heard the vintage expression, “let it go. If it’s meant to be it will come back to you.” This couldn’t be more accurate. Every situation is unique, yet every relationship is the same in the sense that if someone is not meant for you, no amount of forcing it, manipulating the situation, or hoping for the best will change the inevitable outcome. Let it go, then you’ll know.

Sometimes it takes losing what you settled for to remind you what you truly deserve. If you’ve ever found yourself talking to someone and soon enough you’re dating regularly, moving in together, and planning your future as one, then you might have had a taste of what it’s like to settle. The danger in a fast-paced relationship is that while things seem to be happening naturally, you are likely settling for comfort and ignoring those non-negotiables you once had. This almost always leads to the demise of a relationship.

After the grieving, the questioning, and the heartbreak have subsided, you will begin to see what was in plain sight all along. Losing that relationship that you settled for was truly a blessing because it opened you up to the possibility of true love with the right person in the future.

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