Why I Stopped Dating For a Year

I made a personal decision to put a hold on dating for 365 days. So, from January 1, 2019-January 1, 2020 there will be zero dates for me. After some consideration, I decided that I also needed to abstain from hookups for the year, so I added that fine print to my goal.

But, why? To put it simply, I had spiraled into a dating and hookup pattern that wasn’t serving me well. I didn’t have the time to put in the effort that one should when trying to cultivate a healthy relationship. I settled for friends with benefits scenarios that seemed low maintenance and “everyone wins” but in that process, I realized that eventually that scenario will come to an end, and then what?

Some bigger personal struggles added an overdose of reality to my dating woes and I realized that I needed a serious break…from everything.

I’m now over 10 months into this break, and in regards to relationships, I’m happier with my choice to be single than I’ve ever been.

BONUS: those who used to constantly ask me, “are you dating anyone?” are now inquiring about how my “celibacy” is going, and it makes for much better convo.

I truly believe that this break is continuing to bring clarity and transformation to my dating habits. I’ve been journaling along the way, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned.

Stay tuned!

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