Why I Won’t Date Outside of my Religion

It’s not that I necessarily consider myself an overly “religious” person, however, I am very firm on the stance of what I believe and why I put my faith in God. Because of this, I have learned that when it comes to dating, I won’t date someone who doesn’t align with my same beliefs.

I have friends who have all sorts of different religious views. And that’s ok! We respect each other’s views, but we don’t live together. We’re not building a family around each other or immersing our lives fully in each other. It’s different with dating, though.

In the past five years I have dated men who are Jewish, Catholic, a former Jehovah’s Witness, agnostic, etc. and what I learned from each relationship is that fundamentally, we believe different things and have contrasting views on life, faith, and priorities because of the roots of our religious beliefs. We believe different things because “religion” and what you put your beliefs into forms your disposition towards everyday circumstances. If those fundamental beliefs don’t align, communication is going to be a struggle and there will always be extra friction.

Yes, there will always be tough times and disagreements in every relationship, but the ability to resolve things that stem from fundamental beliefs rests on fundamental beliefs, and if you don’t at least have those aligned, it’s more difficult to come to a mutual agreement.

There are so many things that will shake relationships to the core, and for me, religious views and practices are an integral part of my life that I refuse to compromise on. I need a partner who matches up.

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