I Miss Doing Hair.

I miss doing hair.

I miss the hustle & bustle of a Saturday morning during wedding season; and the humble confidence that bride exudes as she admires herself on the day she feels the most beautiful.

I miss working 14 hours straight, fueled by nothing other than a large Dunkin’ iced coffee & a few bites of a 3-hour-old sandwich while mixing color for a client as another client processes.

I miss the sound of the blow dryer silencing all of the troubles of the moment.

I miss the transition through the years with a young lady, as I do her hair for her first high school dance, reflecting back to the first time I curled her hair for her first communion.

I miss the satisfactory text from a client after I suggested a new style or a new product that works better for them than anything else ever has.

I miss crying with a client through some of the most difficult times of her life, and the hugs she provided through the most difficult times of mine.

I miss the “boyfriend drama” with my teenage clients & the secrets they share with me knowing that I’ll never rat them out to Mom unless it’s necessary.

I miss the laughs & giggles of the littles running around like they’re right at home as their mom is enjoying getting her hair done.

I miss restoring beauty to a new mom when she feels her absolute worst.

I miss fancying up a divorcee for her first dabble into the new dating world.

I miss the advice and laughs and the individual relationship I have with each of my special clients.

I miss the cherished, unique bond with a regular client I see every three weeks because she can’t handle outgrowth.

I miss the hair flips and selfies from clients who can’t believe this new ‘do is their hair.

I miss my tired, achy back, and cramped feet after a marathon day behind the chair.

I miss so much more about doing hair, than just doing hair.

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